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Teachers vs Students Chess

Come join us during lunch to witness the battle between the teachers and the students with a little help — or harm — from the spectators to see who’s the best at chess.

Tuesday, March 12th


Register before Sunday @ 11:59 pm

Reach for the Top

Confident that you know a bit more than others? Avid player of Trivia games? Four teams competing against one another and a teacher team to see who's the best.

Wednesday, March 13th


Nominate a student before Sunday @ 11:59 PM

π Smackdown

Looking to getting back at a teacher for no particular reason? Bid in an auction for a chance to pie a teacher or a nominated student in the face!

Thursday, March 14th


Sign up a team before Sunday @ 11:59 PM

Nerd Cup

4 teams. 6 categories. Which team is truly the ones worthy of the legendary Nerd Cup?! The team who takes the most Nerd points home will be crowned the victor.

Friday, March 15th


Sign up for our events for fun! to win prizes! to compete!

SU End of Year Report

It's the dawn of an new era. Read the goodbye message from the OSASU 22-23 execs. 👋
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